The Nightmare In Wonderland

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Created by Samantha Brea,Olivia Gang, Gabrielle Lambert, Sophia Lemus, Isabella Velazquez

Chapter I

The movie ends.
Alice: (playing with toys) La, la, la, la, la
Joey: You know that happy Disney stuff is fake right?
Alice: No it isn't Joey!!!!
Joey: Yes it is, Disney is super evilllll
Alice: That’s not true! Mom!!
Mother: Joey, go to your room...
Joey walks to his room angrily and slams the door.
Mother: ...and Alice, get in bed!
Flashes forward to when Alice is tucked in bed. Alice slowly and gradually closes her eyes and falls asleep.

Chapter II

Alice wakes wonderland. She opens her eyes and sees a garden with huge mushrooms and lots of flowers
Alice: Where am I? How did I get here!?
No one answers.
Alice gets up and starts walking forward.
Alice: I wonder where I am.
Mad Hatter: I can help you!
Alice turns around.
Alice: Whoa, what was that!?
Mad Hatter: Over here, Alice.
Alice: How do you know my name??

Chapter III

Alice: How do you know who I am? And who are you?
Mad Hatter: I am the Mad Hatter, I have been waiting for you for a long time Alice.
Alice: Why have you been waiting for me?
Mad Hatter: Why everyone has been looking for you since you left.
Alice: But I have never been here before.
Mad Hatter: You mean that you don't remember?
Alice: What are you talking about?
Mad Hatter: Wonderland is dying.
Alice: What?
Mad Hatter: The Queen overcame Senora Hearts and kicked her out of the castle.
Alice: Senora who?
Mad Hatter: Senora Hearts is the mad woman that made this land so.... crazy. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!
Alice: Oh...
Wonderland begins to fade rapidly.
Alice: What's happening!?
Mad Hatter: Oh dear, it’s probably the evil doings of the Queen.
All of a sudden, things begin to severely lose color and blur.
Mad Hatter: We have to go, run Alice!!
Alice and the Mad Hatter wind up running into a dark cave. The Mad Hatter sighs a breath of relief.
Mad Hatter: Aww, perfect!
Alice: Wait, what? What do you mean, perfect?! Running into a dark and creepy cave is anything but perfect!
The Mad Hatter replies in a mysterious, almost slurred voice
Mad Hatter: You shall see very soon.

Chapter IV

Alice is still gasping and breathing hard from running.
Alice: Will you please elaborate on that!!
Mad Hatter: You will soon see what will come to be...
Alice: What the...
Mad Hatter: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!
Alice whispers to herself.
Alice: Oh my Lord, this man is crazy!!
The Mad Hatter leads Alice to a pitch black cavern.
Mad Hatter: Ok, we're here.
Alice: Where are we now?
Mad Hatter: Why do you ask so many questions!?
There is a silence.
Mad Hatter: (sighs) We are here to see her.
Alice: Wh.......
Mad Hatter: Ah, no questions! We are here to see Senora Hearts, she will know what to do.

Chapter V

Senora Hearts sitting down on the floor.
Senora Hearts: What are you doing here?
Mad Hatter: Alice has arrived!
Senora Hearts gasps and turns around.
Senora Hearts: Alice, it's you! I cannot believe you're back. Now Wonderland will be saved.
Alice: Why am I here? What's so special about me?! How the heck am I supposed to save all of Wonderland??
Senora Hearts: Alice dear, you are here to stop the evil Queen Elsa.
Alice: What makes Queen Elsa so evil, and how am I supposed to stop her?
Senora Hearts: Queen Elsa was born evil, and now that she is older, Elsa is causing pain with all of her despicable powers. She has been overheating Wonderland.
Alice: Oh dear. Ooooh, I have so many questions to ask you!!
Senora Hearts: OK Alice, now you can ask about anything that's on your mind
Alice: Thank you. So, first of all, I have never been here before and I have no idea who you all are. So why do you guys act as if you've known me? And second of all, why are you guys so confident that I'll be able to help you stop this Elsa person? I'm only eight years old you know.
Mad Hatter speaks, gradually getting quieter.
Mad Hatter: Yes, and there's that other thing
Senora Hearts: Oh yes, the *other* thing.
Alice: What other thing?! Man, this place is confusing.

Chapter VI

Senora Hearts sits back down
Alice: What other thing?!? Will you just answer me!
Senora hearts: Well..... Elsa isn't the only person causing trouble. An evil mermaid named Ariel is her sidekick, she pollutes all of the bodies of water surrounding Wonderland.
Alice: Are you serious!?
Senora Hearts: Do I look like I'm kidding?
Senora Hearts holds a steady, serious stare at Alice, and Alice returns the stare with huge eyes and Alice's jaw drops.
Alice: Ok, this place has a lot of issues, but if we are gonna fix them, we need to start now.

Chapter VII

Walking down a path.
Alice: Now we need a plan.
Mad Hatter: How about we throw a tea party and then we decapitate her!
Alice: We need an actual foolproof plan.
Senora Hearts: What do you mean?
Alice: Well, we can't just go up to her and try to get rid of her just like that. She has guards that would get rid of us in an instant. We have to know where Elsa is at the perfect time.
Senora Hearts: Well, what is your plan?
Alice: Me? I don't have a plan. Why would you think that I would have a plan?
Senora Hearts: Well you must have a plan! I mean first of all it was your idea, and you are Alice!
Alice: I’ve said this like three times now. We need a plan!
Alice: I have a plan. Here follow me.
The Mad Hatter, Alice, and Senora Hearts start walking out of the cave.
Alice: So I understand that Elsa is evil, but I still don't understand how she can heat up the Earth to such a horrible extent.
Senora Hearts: Elsa is causing global warming with her heat powers. Global warming is a gradual increase in the overall temperature of Wonderland's atmosphere generally attributed to the greenhouse effect, caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons, and pollutants. Wow, what a mouthful.
Alice: Got it, and what's pollution?
Senora Hearts: Well, pollution is the presence or introduction into the environment of substances that have harmful or poisonous effects.
Alice: Alright, so this is the first stage of my plan. Evil Queen Elsa has never seen my face before, so she won't know who I am. I can sneak into the castle as a servant, and find out the Queen's weaknesses.
Mad Hatter: Remember, we don't have that much time! By that time, Wonderland can possibly have been destroyed and we'd be gone too!
Alice: Oh please, do you think that she would destroy Wonderland and herself? She is smart enough not to do that. I bet that her castle is protected from all that awful stuff. And since Elsa is teaming up with Ariel, the castle will be their safe house.
Senora Hearts: Ok, that’s a great plan. But what will we do to get rid of her, we can't kill her.
Alice: So we will have to trap her, and keep her locked up until she agrees to fix everything and be a kind citizen of Wonderland.
Senora Hearts: Let's do this.
They all start walking towards the castle.

Chapter VIII

Alice, Mad Hatter, and Senora Hearts all hide in the forest next to the castle.
Senora Hearts: Look, Alice, the Queen wants off with my head, so I can't go with you.
Mad Hatter: And I cannot go either because the Queen knows that I am on Senora Heart's side, so Elsa also wants me decapitated.
Alice: That's ok, I can carry out with the plan on my own. I have to go now though because I may be protected in the castle, but you both need to hide.
Alice walks towards the castle while singing the potato-tomato song.
Potato-tomato song:
Alice: I'm a potato, she's a tomato. I'm a potato, she's a tomato. We go together like french fries and ketchup. We are so great, cause it's us two yay!
Later while singing the song, Alice reaches the castle...

Chapter IX

Alice sneaks through the back door of the castle, knocks out a servant and puts on her maid dress and apron, and walks into the main hall
Servant 1: Did you hear that Alice might be back in Wonderland?! We must tell the Queen!
Servant 2: No, we cannot tell her! Queen Elsa is so close to accomplishing her goal! If this is true, Elsa would kill all of us in her anger, and then go after that poor young girl. We should keep this to ourselves, we just need to hope that Alice doesn't do anything to get everyone, including herself, executed.
Both servants walk away with two huge bowls of frozen hot chocolate.
Alice: Oh my gosh, how do they know I'm here!? I need to hurry before anyone gets hurt.
Alice enters an enormous throne room with a giant fish tank in it.
Elsa: Hey, you there, where's my stuff?
Alice: Me?
Elsa: Yes you, where is my chocolate?!

Chapter X

Alice just plays along with being a servant untill she can find a way to capture the Queen.
Alice: Oh, I am so sorry my Queen, I forgot how you wanted me to make it. That is why I came back. Did you want any toppings?
Elsa: Oh, well then. I want chocolate ice cream with hot fudge and chocolate sprinkles. Do not forget again.
Alice: Of course, Queen Elsa.
Alice bows and then leaves the throne room.
Ariel: Who was she?
Elsa: I believe she is a new servant, but I am unsure. I have never seen her before. Anyways, are the oceans dirty yet?
Ariel: The oceans are filthy.
Elsa: Perfect, we will soon be finished with this disgusting, useless world and be free to conquer much more.
Ariel: The plan is right on track. Once we're done, I shall make Alice pay for stealing my prince from me and setting him up with his "love of his life." My prince's love of his life should be me!!
Elsa: Don't worry sis. Those dreams of Alice's are quite powerful, but we will destroy her.
Ariel: Alice will pay for what she did and wonderland will be dead.
Ariel and the Evil Queen Elsa both laugh maliciously

Chapter XI

Elsa: My plan is that I am going to warm up Wonderland using my heat powers, and then you will use your bubble powers to trap the heat inside the atmosphere. Oh, and I thought this plan couldn't get any better. I have another great idea.
Ariel: What is it?
Elsa: We can cause air pollution by using my heating power on the garbage and plastic
Ariel: Wow! That's an awesome idea. Once we're done, Wonderland will be left in ruins!
Elsa: I just wish that you could have saved Anna from the boat accident as well as me, she would have completed the sisterhood.
Ariel: I know, I just can't believe that that squid got to her first.
Elsa: I know, but you can't let that put you down, we are too close to give up now.
Ariel: Ok, now we need to finish the plan before Alice gets on to us.
Elsa: From what I hear, our little spies say that Alice doesn't know anything yet.
Ariel: Perfect, we can lure her into a trap with fake information and finally be rid of her.
Elsa: Wonderland will die today!

Chapter XII

Elsa and Ariel are in a dark room mapping out their plan.
Elsa: So you got that?
Ariel: Yes.
Elsa: Ok, let's go.
They both walk out of the room back into the throne room. Alice walks in.
Ariel: Here she comes, let’s go.
Elsa: We'll meet at the top of yzarc cliff, then we will complete our plan at sundown sharp.
Ariel: We will finally be happy.
Elsa: yes sister.
Ariel and Elsa both leave the room dropping a piece of paper and pretending that they didn't know that Alice heard all of that. Alice secretly and silently sneaks over to the piece of paper and picks it up.
Alice: Perfect, this piece of paper says that they need the Mad Hatter on their side to complete the destruction of wonderland and he is on my side so we do have a way to stop their plan by pretending that the Mad Hatter is on their side, then we will get them into the magic free jail in the dungeon next to the cliff by pretending that I am in it. I must get all of this information to Senora Hearts and the Mad Hatter before it is too late!
Alice runs off through the door leading to the kitchen. Then Ariel, Elsa, and two cloaked figures step out of the corner that they were hiding in.
Elsa: This is amazing, she is trapping herself without even knowing it. You two will have to meet Alice somewhere and will do anything that you have two to make sure she goes off that cliff. Now go!
The figures both unmask themselves.
Senora Heart and the Mad Hatter: yes my queen.
They both run off through the back doors to go meet Alice.

Chapter XIII

The Mad Hatter and Senora Hearts both run to the forest at the tree where they last met Alice. Alice arrives and tells them all of the information that she had discovered.
Senora Hearts: Well you finally have a plan.
Mad Hatter: I think that we should handcuff you and pretend to be putting you in jail to gain the Queen and Ariel's trust when we get there and when we are putting you in the jail you escape and we push Elsa and Ariel into the Sell.
Alice: Ok, that we be the plan meet me there 10 minutes before sundown, I am going to go get ready.
Alice runs off back to the castle.
Senora Hearts: Well that was easy, and might I say that that was an excellent plan.
Mad Hatter: Well she seems to be extremely gullible and has completely forgotten about her sister Anna's incident and how all of her other sisters blamed her for it.
Senora Hearts: I still wonder she escaped wonderland at such a young age and got adopted by that dreadful family of hers.
Mad Hatter: Yes I do too, but we must go on and tell Elsa and Ariel the plan and stop Alice.
Senora Hearts: Of course.
They both place the cloaks on and walk off to the back entrance of the castle.

Chapter XIV

Alice runs into the library of the castle.
Alice: I am almost 100% sure that this plan will work but just in case I think that I will do a little more research on how to save Wonderland by finding out how to stop polluting and global warming. Let’s see, back on Earth, I remember learning about all of these things in school. I remember that you can recycle plastic and metal to reuse them. So we can do cleanups and try to pick up as much trash as possible and recycle what we can. But for global warning, I don't know what to do. On Earth, we would try to stop burning plastic and stop too much carbon dioxide from getting into the air by riding bikes and walking instead of using cars. We would also try and stop greenhouse gases (greenhouse gases are various gases compounds, such as carbon dioxide, that absorb infrared radiation, trap heat in the atmosphere, and contribute to the greenhouse effect. The Greenhouse effect is the warming of the surface of the lowered atmosphere of a planet, like Earth or Venus, that is caused by conversion of solar radiation into heat in a process involving selective transmission of short wave solar radiation by the atmosphere, it's absorption by the planet's surface, and infrared radiations which are absorbed and partly reradiated back to the surface by atmospheric gases.) Wait a second, Elsa’s heat activates the greenhouse effect and Ariel's bubble power acts as the greenhouse gases, so if we stop Ariel's Bubble power then the heat would be released and then there would be more global warming! I think. Ok, I just hope that plan A works, if not then we will have to try and turn Ariel good again and pick up trash, that will be plan B. Ok, let’s go.
Alice walks out of the library and starts walking towards the cliff. She suddenly gets lost.
Alice: Where do I go? Do I go left or right, west or north?
A sudden smile appears out of a tree.
Cheshire cat: I can help you with that.
Alice: Who are you?
Cheshire Cat: I am the Cheshire Cat and you should go right, or north they are both the same.
Alice why should I trust you?
Cheshire Cat: Because you asked for an answer and it is almost 10 minutes before sundown.
Alice: How did you...
Cheshire Cat: Go, just go.
Alice heads of north and makes it to the cliff, there, she finds the Mad Hatter and Senora Hearts behind a bush waiting for Alice with a pair of handcuffs.

Chapter XV

Mad Hatter: Alice come over here and put on the handcuffs. You have to put them on as part of the plan. When they come, we will tell the queen and Ariel that we captured you. This will make them trust us and we will pretend to execute you tomorrow. For tonight, we will pretend to put you in the jail but as you are getting in, you escape and we will push the queen and Ariel into the jail cell where they will not be able to move because it is magic free.
Alice: Ok that is perfect, now put on my handcuffs.
Senora Hearts: Here and don’t worry we have the key rich here.
Senora Hearts shows Alice the key and puts on Alice’s handcuffs. They all stand in the middle of the cliff waiting for Elsa and Ariel. At last, they arrive.
Elsa: Why, look at what we have here. Thank you for going by the plan.
Alice: What? This wasn't part of our plan, what is going on?
Elsa: You see they were working with me and you fell into our trap.
Alice: What?! You were working with them, you lied to me?!
Mad Hatter: Why yes, and you did make it so easy, you even made your own capture plan for us!
Ariel: You see, we never wanted to destroy Wonderland, we wanted to destroy you!
Elsa: And we will do anything we have to.
Elsa and Ariel push Alice of the cliff.
Alice: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then, Alice wakes up.


Global Warming

This video is about the affects of global warming and how it started, it is a very long process that has taken over 100 years. Global Warming can really change the lives of Earth, its animals, and its people.Global Warming is a very serious problem it can very much ruin Earth and its ways.
This video connects to the story because, there is a part of our multi media project that all the the plants and animals begin to die out and wilt, this has to do with Global Warming because it can also kill and wilt down plants and animals, just like the story.


There are many problems with this Earth right now, there are things like air pollution, water pollution, glbal warming, and greenhouse gasses. All these are effects of human activities. But if we work hard to learn why these things are happening we humans can possibly reverse the effects. Pollution is a big epidemic now in this society. People these days dont thnk that throwing a piece of trash is a big deal. but it is a horrible thing. it pollutes our air, ocean.