The Great Sand Demon

Posted by IF club
Author: Paul, Joshua, and Jason

Introduction of characters

Jason and Joshua walked out of the safe room. "Wow," said Jason, “It’s a lot hotter out here than I remember!" "Yeah, it's about time someone finds water or something so it isn't like the desert out here." said Joshua "I suppose." said Jason. They stared out into the distance for a little while, both of them thinking of what to do next. “So where should we head first?" said Jason finally breaking the silence, “They told us we aren't allowed back in once we left." It's been a while since Joshua and Jason have been outside of the safe house, but, they wouldn't really call it a safe house. To them it seemed like a prison.

When Jason and Joshua try to come back in there were two soldiers waiting for them to come back in. "You are not allowed to come back in the safe house " Once you leave there is no coming back, you must find another safe house to stay at". "We know we are just going back for our backpacks" So they both get their backpacks and head out in the middle of the dessert.

While they are walking they notice a girl running away and scared. They stop the girl and asked her what is wrong. “I and my brother started walking and then all of a sudden a weird animal bit him and he started acting weird and crazy. All of a sudden his eyes got super dark and he started to act crazy and chased me, but I managed to get away and then I saw you guys. 'So what is your brother’s name"? Says Joshua. "His name is Paul" Says Maddie. "Where did you leave him when you ran away maybe me and Jason can help you find what bit him and what happened to him" Says Joshua. "We really need to find water though or else we will die" says Jason. So Joshua, Jason and Maddie head off in the hot dessert dehydrated as they search for Paul.

They walk for a long time until it turns to night time, so Maddie decided to set to up camp. While they are setting up camp they see 2 dust people. They catch up to them and find out what they are up 2. She explains to them what happened to her and her brother and what they are doing now. The 2 dust people explain that their names are Samuel and Laura and that they are also trying to get a way to find water. So all of them decide to team up together.

All of a sudden while they are walking they see something jump on Joshua and thanks to quick resources he managed to dodge it thanks to his physical ability. Then Samuel quickly takes out his sword and stabs the demonic creature and then Jason picks up the dead creature. Then Maddie realizes that that is the same animal that bit Paul in the leg. They all decided to study it all night long to find an antidote.

When the sun came up the group planned on venturing on to find Paul. But, he found them first. In an epic battle between Paul and the group Paul took out a gun and fired at Laura killing her instantly. After this Jason and Joshua tackled Paul. When he was down on the floor Maddie came and injected him with the antidote.

When Paul was stabbed for some reason he turned into a tree that then spurred into water. While the group collected water Samuel killed himself with gun next to Laura. After this Maddie kills herself.