Research Gone Wrong!!!

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"Captain! We have a signal moving in fast! It’s going to land in 3.2 seconds at 38.96 N and 115.8111 W. Prepare for impact!" screamed a terrified worker at the infamous area 51. The captain, Mr. Kernel, was zapped back into reality and shouted to his workers "Everyone take cover!!” There was a loud bang as all of the bullet proof 30-inch windows shattered in to pieces. The ground rumbled causing chaos and screams everywhere.

Then there was silence. Every one slowly got up from the tables and desks they were under. The captain ran to the window to assess the damage and see what had happened. Out in the distance, he saw a gigantic gray and white circular plate. Could it really be it, the captain thought to himself.

Chapter 1


"Today, we have discovered water on the surface of mars!!!" Wow! Good for you. I have more important stuff to do! Now listen, I know that most of you are like "Wow!" and "Awesome!!!" but me, being me, did not care. I had more important stuff to like girls, and getting the right tan (its important!). That was understandable, however, this next thing was just screaming at me that I should be scared. But I, still being me, did not even listen! By the way my name is Brad, at the time, a selfish lifeguard.

Today. Today was a very, very bad day. Today was the day my, and my friends, lives changed forever. It all started when I saw the news. I think that the news is boring and evil. They always lie, but not this time. They said "Breaking News! A dieses with the ability to wipe out the human race for sure!” At this point in time, we had a cure for almost all of the dieses around the world! So why would there be a sickness so bad to kill everyone? Just listen to this. "It’s worse than the black plague, or death, which killed over 75 million people!!! All of the hospitals around the world are overflowing with people with this strange sickness. In Nevada, in infamous Area 51, a UFO crashed landed. Inside was a water-like substance in a jar! The foolish, but at the time brave, scientists decided to experiment with this substance on animals, then later humans! This then caused this dieses to spread."

Chapter 2


"Ahhhh! Get away from me you freak!" My heart was beating faster than a cheetah, sweat falling over me like a blanket. My life was over, and I knew it. A creature with pale, green skin was after me, and I was running. Running like my life depended on it, which it was. I was just on my way out of the hospital, tired and relieved, when this creature came and chased me down. It made unearthly noises as it chased after me with great speed. But somehow, someway, I made it to the back exit of the hospital.


"What the...? What are you?” My name is Chad; a scientist who I thought knew everything. Apparently, I was wrong, very, very wrong. I was, and still am, very mad at myself! I mean the biggest breakthrough in human history and I think it’s a joke! Why? Well, when I heard that water was found on mars I thought it was a joke! There is no life there so why would there be the biggest supporter of life? It just does not make sense! But when a creature came through my window, I had no choice but to run, even if I wanted all the info I could get. I ran out of the only lab door and into the alley in the back. Since my lab is right next to a hospital, I’m sure I can get some help.

When I went to the front of the hospital, I saw a girl with long black hair dart out of the back door. Being chased by one of the zombies! I had no idea what to do. I ran into the hospital, grabbing a chair and swinging at the zombie. It attention diverted itself to me. I swung again and again, but I did not even make a dent! I saw the girl come back out and grab a chair leg; which had fallen off my beat up one. She broke off the end, causing it to become ragged and sharp. She ran up to the back of the zombie with the ultimate weapon...and missed. The zombie instantly turned around, cornering her behind her desk. I ran up to the zombie and smashed it in the back of the head. It faltered for about 5 seconds and then turned around to lunge at me.

But 5 seconds was all I needed. 5 seconds to grab a sharp-edged stick. 5 seconds to save my life. 5 seconds to save my new friends life...and then I attacked. I ran up to it and kicked it in the shins. It immediately fell back onto the floor. I thought it was over. I was sure it was over. But then it got back up. I realized at this point that the only option was to run.

Chapter 3

Mr. Kernal:

When I saw that u.f.o, I freaked out. I knew what was in there. I knew that in that ship, was a disease strong enough to exterminate the entire human race. When I was young, I saw a creature outside of my window. It was a creature that had the power to kill me right there and then...but it didn't. Up to this day, I still have no idea why. I should not even be alive right now. The creature was floating in the air right in front of my bedroom window. The creature looked like a robot and had a scratchy, loud, voice. It screamed out "Exterminate, Exterminate, Exterminaaate!!" as I looked up in wonder. Its one eye tilted downward from the forehead of this creature. It had a large lower body with cup looking things all around it every 2 inches or so. I will never forget its golden, shining coat. Around the top, it had a chain mail looking strips that were inhaling air on one side, and exhaling air on the other, obviously its air vent for whatever was in the belly of that beast. It had two "arms". One looked like a whisker (the kitchen utensil) and the other, no joke, looked like a plunger. Then it just flew away.

Recently I have done a lot of research. The creature inside of this robotic shell is known as a tardigrade. They are everywhere since the biggest they can get are only 1.5 mm. That whisker that they have actually shoots lasers that can separate atoms. That means that they can basically vaporize anything. Including you. The only reason that I have chosen to work at area 51 is so I could at least have a chance at seeing these dangerous make peace with them, or go to war.


After escaping near death, I and my new friend ran out the door in the dark, creepy ally. We saw a man there. He had a red top, red bottom and was lying down on the floor. Obviously a lifeguard by the uniform. I thought that I should run, selfish as it sounds, to a place where I could hide until this whole epidemic was over. But he was on the ground, and me being a nurse, had to help him. After a few seconds of thought, I rushed over to him and kneeled down. My new "friend" was right next to me. After a few minutes, we got him up. So the man that was with me was Chad, and the man that I had just saved was Brad. Convenient? Or stupid?

Chapter 4


All I remember was seeing a big zombie and then feeling a sharp tear on my arm as I stumbled out of the door. I went out to the street and fell into the ally, blacking out.

I wake to two people standing over me. A girl, in a nurse outfit, and a guy, in a lab coat. I get to my feet and ask, "Who are you people? Where are we? What are you doing?” The girl looks at me, "Whoa Whoa Whoa!” Hold up! You just came back from a serious blackout! You are lucky we even found you!"

I heard a low moaning sound and the people around me suddenly got worried. The glanced at each other, then at the one exit, into and out, in the ally. That's when they came. A hoard of zombies crawled into the area. They were people I knew...loved even. Amy...

Then I realized that I was a fool. I should have listened to the stupid newsman! I ran up to the wall and started banging my head. "Amy..." I mumbled and started to cry.

"There's no time! Come on!" The girl ran up to me and grabbed me by the arm. We started to run, the man following behind us. When we reached the wall, we were stuck. There was nowhere to go. We were done for! But not completely. The girl pointed out a door with a red rim, pushed into the wall. We both ran into where ever the door lead, and locked it behind us. We were in a supermarket...and it was perfect.

After a few hours, I found out that the girls name was Lilly, and the man's was Brad. Brad was a scientist and he thought he could find a cure. Lilly went with him down into the pharmacy with all of the supplies they would need. After they went down, that's when I heard the loud banging coming from the door. Not again! I ran to the door and pushed my body against it. Man, these zombies are strong! I dashed to the furniture section of the large store and grabbed a couch. Of all my years of weight lifting, I'm sure I could do this! I felt like the Hulk when I lifted this 40 lb couch above my head. I ran to the door and placed it down, blocking the door from opening it. It would only hold them off for a while, though. But it might just be enough time.

I went down to the pharmacy and told Lilly and Brad the situation.


"Ok. I think if I use this serum on a zombie, it would relapse them to a former state. It is not really a cure, just a...unraveling of the D.N.A. It has been one of my projects that I have been working on, but no one has ever done it before! I have no idea if it will work too! I just need a test subject."

Lilly looked at me, "Well, I just give the medicine, not invent it! Maybe if we capture a zombie...?"

"Yes! That would work! Where would we find one, though? The nearest one are in the ally and they probably left by now. Not only that but it would be very dangerous too!"

That's when Brad came busting through the door.

"Guys, we have a problem. The zombies are outside and there coming in!"

There was a loud bang and then the groaning came. Loud gross noises invaded and we were trapped in the pharmacy. How many zombies were there?

Chapter 5

Mrs. Kernal:

It fit together like a puzzle. All of it. These tardigrades are deadly now. I have been doing some research, and some tardigrade fossils date back to about 500 million years ago. If we got minerals from outer space, why can't we get life to? That's when I realized. These tardigrades can live in space. They don't need oxygen to breathe, they can resist high temperatures and survive a whole bunch of radiation! What's to say they didn't come from mars? Or any planet really.

That night, when I was a kid, it made me wonder. Wonder of why such a creature, small and frail, would create the ultimate murder machine for itself. There could only be one reason. It wanted revenge. Revenge for everything we have done to their species. Not noticed, but studied for centuries.

Humans have many flaws, but the most dangerous one is curiosity. Of course we would play their little game. They would give us something, expect us to take it in, experiment with it...and they knew it would be our downfall.

"Hello? Anyone there?" I called. I was now in the famous, or now infamous city of Manhatten. I was searching for un-infected humans, to take back to Area 51 and experiment, to see if there was any clues that would help me develop a cure. I was getting hungry, thankfully though, there was a supermarket close by! I went in, hoping the ABC chicken noodle soup was not raided by rouge survivours. But when I went in I saw something else. I saw a man go down into the pharmecy, looking worried.

"Hey! Wait up!" I screamed. The man looked at me and dashed down into the pharmecy, and I quickly followed. When I went down, I saw another man, green, and lying on the floor. He had obviously been bitten by the zombies. There was a girl too, and I instantly reconized her.



Chapter 6


"Dad? I-is it really you?"

"'s me."

"I thought you were dead! How could you leave me and mom?"

"It was a mistake I could never forgive myself for..."

"I know...why did you leave?"

"I didn't want you to get hurt..."

"Hurt from what?"

"Being with me, you know, sweetie, my job is very dangerous"

"I know it is, but you didn't have to leave forever"

"I'm sorry. What happened to mom?"

"She...she...passed away."

I could remember when I got the call that day. When the reception lady, with the high-pitched voice, said that my mom was at the hospital, dead. My dad looked very sad for just a moment and then realised that what mattered was that they were there now...together.

Chapter 7


Ok. This was weird. Turns out that a man, which I must call Mrs. Kernal and if not he will make me do 90 pushups, is LiIlly's father! What!?!? Plot-twist! But we have bigger matters. Brad was a zombie, and we are kinda in an APPOCALIPSE FOR GOODNESS SAKE!

"Hey Brad! Look! I think Chad invented a cure!" Screamed Lilly. She picked up a large vile filled with a red liquid. It was labeled 'Test Cure: Work In Progress. Do not use until confirmed results'

I thought that we should test it on Chad...since he did get bitten. They all agreed as Mrs. Kernal told us all about his theory of Tardigrades. Chad said that since tardigrades were everywhere, we should just capture one and ask it what happened. I know it sounds silly, but they are capable of unimaginable things. "Well, who's going to venture out and find one? I don't know about you, but last time I checked, none of us are imune to zombies."

"Hmm....that's a good point. What if we send Chad? Even if this 'cure' works, he might still have a zombie scent on him. That way the zombies would think he is one of them" said Mr. Kernal.

Lilly glanced at Brad on the floor and thought of how many people died in this. Every kid, adult, elder, every human gone. "We only have one shot so it's worth a try."

"Here it goes..." Mr. Kernal said as he picked up the bottle with the suposed cure in it. He walked over to Chad and pored the pinkish liquid over him. All of a sudden, there were millions of red particles all around him. Then he opened his eyes.

"Wha....?" Chad mumbled.

"Calm down," exclaimed Lilly. "You need to get some rest for now. Do you remember what happened?"

Chad nodded his head no. "All I remember is Amy waking up and this pain in my arm. And now I'm here."

Lilly looked at Mr. Kernal and they sent a silent message to each other...I guess it was a family relationship thing.

Mr. Kernal noded his head slightly and turned around, "Ok Chad, I know you might be tired and exahsted, but we really need you to do something."

Chapter 8


"What do you want me to do?" I glanced around at their worried faces, and assumed the worst...that something very wrong had happened. "What is it?" I looked down and instantly recognized

Mr. Kernal peered at me with a humerous expression.

"What's so funny? My skin is GREEN!" I belted.

"Don't worry," Mr. Kernal said, "it's only temporary. This is what we hoped would happen. We need you to go outside into the zombies while you still look like one. They don't have brains, so they probally won't even recognize you."

"Probally?" I asked.

"Yeah," Mr. Kernal exclaimed, "they might realize your not one of them and instantly kill you."

"But hey! It's only like what...a 80% chance?" Brad asked.

"90%" mumbled Lilly.

"Well," Mr. Kernal looked around, "It''s worth a shot right? For the human race!"

At this point, I had no choice but to agree. It was this or nothing. This, or we were doomed. This, or bye bye Earth... "Okay, what's my mission?"

Lilly glanced at me, "Just go outside, find a tardigrade, and come imediatly back. We think you will only be like this for about 5 minutes once you get outside."

I nodded, and walked to the stairs up to the store, out of the pharmecy. When I went to the front door of the market, I looked outside. I might as well search for a good place to dash to. That's when I heard the sound of metal drop onto the tiles. I looked at the canned food section and I heard another can fall to the floor.

I hid behind a sale sign and looked down the isle. There she was...Amy...

For those that haven't been following along, or I just haven't told you yet, Amy is Lilly's best friend. She was the one who broke into the pharmecy, no one knows how, and bit me. I think you know the rest. Her beady black eyes looked into mine and I knew I would have peed my pants if she moved a muscle. But she didn't. For what seemed like forever, we stared into each other's eyes. And for a milisecond, I saw hope in her eyes. Hope of humantity. Just hope for goodness sake! She belived there was a way to save the Earth...and I was determined to find it.

Chapter 9


I glanced around at everyone and walked over to the barricaded staircase that led up to the first floor of the Store. "So what now?"

Mr. Kernal got up and trudged over to the table where sick pateints would usually lay down. "Well, all we can do now is wait. Until Chad comes back, we can't do much. When I was heading here, there were a lot of zombies by the door. If they are still there, we won't be able to leave."

"Should I go check? There might be able to find a secret way out!" Brad exclaimed.

"Worth a try I think," said Mr. Kernel as he started to prepare a pack for Brad to go out. "Here, take this. It has some of the cure in it so you can quicky save yourself if you get bitten."

Brad walked over to Mr.Kernal and gave him a hug. "Thanks Mr. Kernal. None of us would be here without you."

"No problem, just watch your back."

With that, Brad walked out of the pharmacy and into the store. I looked at my dad and wondered what he had been through, but then decided that now, was not the time to ask. One question I did have though was how he got in if zombies were by the door. This however, was a question I could ask.

"Dad, if the zombies were blocking the only exit and entrance, how did you get in here?" I asked.

He looked at me like I just asked a question that even the universe couldn't answer, like I was a crazy person. "Lilly, I never told you this, but when I was a kid, I met a Tardigrade...and it wasn't just a little 1.5 milimeter long. It had a whold body, a whole machine."

My dad continued to explain to me what he saw that night, something that had creeped him to this very day. "Oh no," I exclaimed. "Brad! He is out going to find one and when he does, it's species might come on some sort of rescue mission!"

"It's okay, that won't happen. See, theese creatures are heartless. They don't care about each other. They only care about 2 things. Revenge and power. And as long as they have that, or so they think, they won't bother anyone because it would be a risk to their reputation."

"Got it...Wait...what was that?!!?" I heard a loud scream come from out side as about 20 zombies cornered Chad into a wall.

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