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Created by Bruno Gaston and Lucas Hawayek

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An organization called blackwatch has three agents and an army. These agents are reaper Widowmaker and fgrfeytfryrfg3fg6 ERROR. This organization joined together with 2 other villains Junkrat and Genji. They plan on destroying the world. They did this by Widowmaker stealing a gauntlet of ultimate power the doom fist. Junkrat will use the doom fist to fuse with his explosives to create a heat, hot enough to melt the biggest icebergs in the world with seconds. Overwatch is the only force strong enough to take back the doom fist and save the world.

Reaper is going on patrol of the black watch base when he suddenly heard something "craxgw." Reaper states " hello show yourself." Something said "hello love" in response. It was tracer - an overwatch agent with two automatic pistols. She is able to manipulate her own time going back or forward in time. Also she has a pulse bomb, and she is about to fight reaper, who has two shotguns and is able to go to ghost form, teleport, and create a tornado of death. Tracer spreads up next to reaper and starts shooting. Reaper says "ghh,"and goes into ghost form while turning around and attempts to shoot tracer. By that time tracer had already disappeared, and said "missed me," and jumped off a ledge to be above reaper. Reaper turns around and attempts to shoot, but tracer is on the other side laughing "hahahah." Then, tracer goes to the side reaper is facing, thinking he will turn around, but instead she gets shot to the ground. On the floor she saw Widowmaker on a building. Tracer tells to Winston: "Hey there, big guy, I spotted Widowmaker on the roof.” Tracer goes back in time to be behind reaper. He gets so angry that he does death blossom or death tornado. Tracer says "I am taking you with me," and throws pulse bomb. They both loose.

A mysterious voice says: "Widowmaker, tracer spotted you, get ready for a big ape (Harambe).” Widowmaker replied" Shut it, I’m getting ready.” Winston (Harambe) heard this and saw Widowmaker. Winston is an overwatch agent with a tesla cannon, who can use a proton barrier and leap. This ape can also go to an angry primal stage. Winston (Harambe) was about to fight Widowmaker, who has a sniper/machine-gunner, and can place poison mines, use grapples, and heat goggles. Winston leaps up to Widowmaker messing up her shot. Widowmaker says "what how" due to this leap. Widowmaker grapples away and hides a poison mine behind a wall. Winston leaps after her saying "come back here," but ends up landing in Widowmakers poison mine. "What KU is this KUKU" Widowmaker says. "Do you like my present, its a poison mine," she said this while grappling behind a wall and placing another poison mine. She crouched and activated her heat sensors to see Winston (HARAMBE). Winston recovered sight last second to see Widowmaker hide. Widowmaker made Winston angry by saying "Why does the dumbest thing on the planet have the worsts glasses ever?" Winston went "MY GLASSES" going to primal form. He leaped to widowmaker in rage, but landed near the edge, on the poison mine and down his proton barrier. Widowmaker starts shooting and says "It is do…" “What? How did you survive?” But Winston (HARAMBE) fell of the building. Widowmaker ended by saying "It, is done.”

A mysterious voice says "Genji come to eichenwalde." Geji says "Where are you? And why should I come to eichenwalde? The voice says "Where I am? And how I am talking to you does not matter. What does is you coming to eichenwald, your brother is h..." Gengi interrupts "My brother, finally, I am coming." Hanso says "Is this my brother or another assassin sent to kill me. Either way, show yourself...."nothing replies but quick bursts of air. hanzo sais "i know your here somewhere."..."very well" said hanzo and immediately shot two arrows hitting genji.Hanzo is a overwatch agent with a bow and arrow with four different arrows regular sonic split and dragon. sonic detecting all living entities split splitting into multiple arrows upon impact. dragon summons a giant dragon that goes through walls. hanzo was going to fight genji a former overwatch agent that has shuriken’s and a sword he can use sword dash and deflect and can also use his sword. genji jumped out the darkness and said "how did you know". hanzo replied "the first was a sonic arrow the second was an arrow you of all should know this." before genji can reply hanzo shot a split arrow at genji genji reflected the arrow hitting hanzo and immediately dashing at hanzo but hesitated hanzo did spirit dragon "wakatekiokurado" but was distracted by tiny explosives flooding out a building giving genji a chance "i don’t know about the explosives but they distracted you yujinokenoken" genji ended it with "i did it why" 1/3

A mysterious voice says "junkrat want to play with your friend road hog" . junkrat said "you bet i do" the voice said "well remember he stole your precious first mine"..."MY FIRST MIIIIINE" blasted junkrat. junkrat soon went to a building and set some traps a mine a beartrap and raining mines. road hog is a thief with a shotgun a hook a matine gun and a healing potion he was about to fight junkrat a thief with a grenade launcher a mine a beartrap and a rip tire. "junkrat do you know where r..." 'BOOM' roadhog was interrupted by the mine under his feet exploded and fell onto a bear trap where he used a healing potion and saw junkrat. "hi roadhog NEVER i say NEVER steal a mans FIRST MINE hahahahahaahha" "vrygyvrrrrrrrrrvrrrrrvvrvrvvrvrrv" immediately after junkrat said this he activated explosive rain causing grenades to fall on raodhog wile he did the ripe tire and road hog pulled hi m in. ... ... ... BOOM BOOOM BOOM BOom boom echoed through walls. 1/4

A mysterious voice threatened "torbiorn if you ever want your mechanical turrets to work again destroy your friend alex morison otherwise known as soldier 76". torbiorn said "do i have a choice".torbiorn is an over watch agent with a railgun/shotgun weapon, builds turrets ,and armor out of scrap who uses molten core. he was about to fight soldier 76 another overwatch agent with a machine gun missiles healing station and automatic hits. “soldier do you know where the others are" said torbiorn " no but come i need to tell you something“ replied soldier 76 torbiorn came closer soldier 76 whispered " i heard your deal" making torbiorn run and gasp. “you won’t get away that easy" soldier 76 shot a missile at torbiorn forcing torbiorn to make some armor. "soldier 76 you have to understand i need my turrets" said torbiorn while returning fire." no you don’t your strong as you are i already have to heal come back don’t do this” said soldier 76 while putting down a healing station. " what you mean I would have lost if I didn’t have a KRINKOR turret in those bushes “said torbiorn while activating molten core making his turret 100 times stronger. "hu oh aimbot activated ow you may kill me there is a chance we both loose this" ........... " i wo...n tt..tt..he harde...s.t fi.gh..t ev..e....r u" 1/6

Now that allenemies were out of the way blackwatch was able to use heat mines to melt an ice burg that flooded the city this is not the end of the war between overwatch an blackwatch.