How Could This Happen to the Moon

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Created by Liam Krablin, Jacob Nunezreyes, John Paine, Alexander Sokolov

Chapter 1: Getting Ready

In their treehouse, a couple hours after the team woke up, Capt. Jack, Amazing Alex, Nunez42, and Kingcpower gather around the living room table to play a board game. While playing the board game, Capt. Jack's phone buzzes. The power goes out. "Are you kidding me! At least we have that backup generator, Liam said. "Guys my phone just rang, the phone says it says that there's a hurricane, it has a tornado in the eye of it heading right for us. It's aTurricane!'', says Jack. (When they hear a loud bang)They all run to the tornado panic room. It is getting closer, yells Jacob. “If the power goes out that means the citizens don't know about the turricane." says Alex. "Ok then let’s act fast. Jacob go warn the citizens, Alex use your super speed to keep the storm in place, Jack get these supplies I wrote down, and all calculate the speed and power of the Turricane" says Liam. Then we’ll meet up back here. Ten minutes later the team, except for Alex who was keeping the turicane in place. “Everyone’s in the tornado cellar but it won’t hold for long," says Jacob. Ok Jack, did u get the stuff from the military base, near the light side of the moon. Does everyone know what to do?" said Alex, "Yes" said all the savages so they and then they went to go do there job.

Character Key:
Kingcpower= Liam=Super Smarts
CaptJack= Jack=Invisibility
Amazing Alex=Alex=Super Speed
Nunez42=Jacob= Ability to change into Animals

Background Music:

Chapter 2

When Jack comes back, Jacob, I need you fill the truck with nitro. Good Jack you are back, I'll explain the plan on the way to the turricane,says Liam. Ok so according to my analysis, the wind speed of the hurricane is 560 miles per hour, and the tornados speed is 201, the turricane has a total speed of 761 miles per hour, says Liam. "So Alex iI need you to throw the slomo-bomb into the turricane and it should slow the winds to around 100 miles per hour for about thirty minutes.So thats the time we have to work with.' Liam said. "So what i am suppoesed to do?" said Nunez42. "Well I was just about to get to that.You can turn into a dog and dig a hole to plant a steel trees,'' says Kingcpower. "Ok", says Nunez 42."Them I'm going to mix the slo-mo bomb with the holding gas which will create a suck bomb, therefore sucking up the Turricane. It should work if my calculations are right. Then Jack you need to turn Amazing Alex upside down so he can drill a giant hole that fits the tornado. Jacob will then turn into a dog and bury the tornado.Once its trapped we'll glue the ground to back together with the laser, the ground should then destroy or form arond the tornado and destroy it. Ok, guys were here lets do it,"says Kingcpower. 25 minutes into the teams plan, right when Jacob's about to bury the tornado Liam hears screams coming from the tornado. "Alex, theres a girl in the tornado, go save her fast." "Okay says Alex and bring the girl to saftey. Go liam shoot it okay everyone back up.BOOM we did it!!!!!! 1 day later guys I gotta call from the president he wants us to go to the White house awesome lets go.

Chapter 3: The Awards

"Whoa this place is huge",said Jack. "Yeah. Lets go inside".said Nunez42 "Hello the savages I am President Milky Way. Do you guys know why you're here?" "No," said the savages. "You are here because you are getting the key to the city and metal of honors."said The president."AWESOME!!!!!"said Jack. "You guys will be getting your reward in like an hour so you guys can go walk around. Oh it's also being televised on cbm moon by the way." WOW,ok bye" said Alex. "Lets go outside and look at there garden" said Jack. "Ok. Guys look at this cattepillar" said Alex.

"Do you know that in a few weeks it will turn into a cocoon then a beautiful butterfly?"said Jacob." Yeah, but sadly since we live on the moon there getting extinct."Liam "Ok guys time for the presentation" said Milky Way. "I give the key to the city and these metals of honor to the savages!!!!!!!!"said The president Milky Way. "WOOOOOOO "said the crowd.The savages got there Key and metals then left to go on there next mission. Saving the butterflys from extinction.