Mark and The Aliens

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Chapter 1 The Trip To Tentaclus

16-year-old Mark lives in a red brick house with his dad, his dad was a scientist he did experiments but one day his house burned down. Mark found a rocket from his dad’s first experiment 10 years ago he uses the rocket to evacuate the burning house and he ends up landing on a planet called Tentaclus.On the way to Tentaclus he was amazed by everything, especially the power of the rocket. He concluded from all of his smarts about rockets that the engine included nuclear energy plasma energy and hydrogen, but when he got to the unknown planet he was amazed and surprised at the same time. Weirdly he didn't need a space suit to breathe?

The planet had red color and looked like a bigger version of Mars luckily the planet was only 7 hours away. Rocket lands near an unknown species house. The alien that lived in the house went out to investigate he saw what was an alien to him Mark he decides rather then to start a war he attempts to make friends with Mark. The alien was green, smooth, slimy, and has 8 legs and he said his name was Psics. Psics told all the other aliens what he discovered the aliens did not like Mark and they did not trust him. The aliens told their lord King Tentaclus!!! King Tentaclus declared to start a WAR!!!

King Tentaclus did not trust anything that was not under his rule. King Tentaclus researched the human race and he sent his alien minions to search for Mark. Psics had good photographic memory so he relocated Mark to his rocket but rather than leave Mark in that position Psics went with Mark. Their rocket was headed back to Mark's house. King Tentaclus Minions shot Marks rocket. Now Mark and Psics landed in an underwater shipwreck.

Psics is an inventor that makes machinesto help the other aliens, but now he needed to help Mark! Psics must make a machine to help Mark. Psics thought about an oxygen tank Psics needed to make the oxygen tank quick. Psics made the oxygen tank in surprisingly 30 seconds! After all he does have 8 legs. He quickly put the oxygen tank on Mark. Mark felt relieved. Psics and Mark decided to explore the shipwreck to find weapons like swords and well-waterlogged pistols. Finally mark found a sword, which meant they both had weapons.

The aliens had a harder time finding Mark and Psics since they were underwater they're tracking devices were only meant to find on land since they're planet had barely any water. What they did not know was that the ship belonged to a great pirate that could only die if he touched water that pirate would perish that day when his ship was boarded and sank from the other ships cannonballs. "Maybe we can find soggy bread” Mark asked doubted. "What is bread Mark" Psics questioned. "Bread is something us humans eat." "Oh us aliens eat well only rocks it's our diet." "We could find bread but probably just like us we don’t like wet rocks and you most likely don’t like wet bread." "Its better to have wet bread than nothing" said Mark. Lets explore that shipwreck. "Mark I found a crate" Psics exclaimed. "We should open it Mark,” said Psics. "Wait look to the right Psics it's a room somehow completely intact”. "I think that is suspicious." Lets open the door. WOAH!

Chapter 2 A New Ally

Mark grabbed his sword. Psics grabbed his well lazer beam. There was a blue girl in the corner of the room. Wait wait do not shoot I am on your side! The blue girl said. What how are you on our side? Said Mark. How do you know about us? How are you on our side? Well I am the god of the sea. Wow really? Said Psics. Im just an inventor... Well you would help as an inventor against the invading aliens. I brang the aliens to earth? Said Mark. Well since I am the god of sea I want the sea to be safe these aliens will mess up the sea by first giving the sea pollutants and... HEY said Psics. I thought you were on our side! You are. Said the blue girl. I mean 1 alien does not effect water but there is at least 125 aliens up there. Well now that I can continue with what i was going to say the aliens may... Well if you are on our side. Mark said. What is your name? My name is... her voice trailed off the sea god. With all due respect but that is not a name. Lets call her Wave! Psics suggested. It has to do with water. Yes that will be my name said Wave. Now since i can hopefully continue again who knows maybe the aliens will use their lazer beams and make the water evaporate so either way we must terminate these aliens except Psics I guess. First I am hungry. Said Mark. Well that crate had bread It's been 15 hours since I have ate anything. Only 15 hours? Said Psics. We Octosai must wait 18 hours 33 minutes and 14 seconds for each rock. Ok..... Said Mark. Meanwhile at planet Tentaclus. It appears that Psics had betrayed us. King Tentaclus said. You Octosai simply must find Mark and Psics. Boss our tracking devices cannot find them underwater. Said Legodon the leader of the alien troop. How do you know he is underwater? King Tentaclus said. There is a touch of green stuffwhich is what they used to make their ship land here. Well then send 3 Octasai to the aproximate landing site. The 3 aliens names were Greeno, Mr.Octo, an LT.Leg.

Hey Octasai! Look over here I found something. What is it Greeno? Asked LT.Leg Sunken Ship! Greeno replied. Well well well lets search. Said Mr.Octo. So do you have any powers or something? Asked Mark. I have the power to summon tidal waves and rarely tsunamis. YOU CAN HELP US DEFEAT THE ALIENS! Screamed Mark. Yes I can. Said Wave. I think I heard something. Said Greeno. It's that way.

Chapter 3 The Hunt

I think this sunken ship is meant to be a maze. Said Greeno. Quiet! Whispered LT.Leg I heard some talking behind that door. Pull out your laser beams! Said Mr.Octo. I think I hear Psics. Said LT.Leg. Greeno peaked through the hole in the door. There’s an alien with an oxygen tank on his back and he’s eating something... Psics heard them whispering.

Mark gets your sword! Psics said. Ok why? There are Octosai looking at us. Wait they know were here? Said Greeno. Lets open the door! Well look who it is. Said LT.Leg. They shot Psics in the leg. Ouch. Groaned Psics. You might as well give up! Said Greeno. Psics! Mark grabbed his sword. Greeno tried to shoot Mark but Mark reflected it. Mark stabbed Greeno. Greeno fell on the floor.

Oh no! Retreat. Said LT.Leg. Who are you creatures! Wave questioned. They are...Ouch. Groaned Psics. Oc… to...saiiiiiii. Psics? Come my goldfish army. Yes? The goldfish asked. Carry the Octosai to the fish nursery. Is he going to be okay? Asked Mark. Yes the fish nursery has cured everything from guppies to whales. Wave said. Psics is an alien though. Mark said. Good point. Said Wave. I have faith in the fish nursery.

How about that guy? He’s dead. Said Wave. No bringing him back. I guess I did stab him. Said Mark. Come my crab crew. Yes, Sea god? You can call me wave you know. Ok wave but what do we need to do. You must find two green and slimy Octosai. Ok said the crabs. Once you do lead them towards us. Ok. It won’t be long now. Said Wave. Come towards us you stupid slimy beasts. Said the leader of the crab crew Pinchy. Lets shoot them! They are to fast for our guns! Said Mr.Octo. Open the door Wave! You better surrender! Said Wave. NO! Said LT.Leg Come my shark squad! Even more animals, Said Mark. NOOOOOOOOO. The shark squad leader named Sharkie ate LT.Leg. All right sharks lets eat him! No please! The sharks ate Mr.Octo. The leader of the fish nursery named Goldie said. All right lets use the healing pool to heal Psics wound. I feel better. Psics said. You should rest for now Psics you must heal. Ok. Psics responded. Octodon pulled out his phone or the Octosai think of it as an Octo-Talker. Mr.Octo, do you read? Greeno are you there? Please tell me your there LT.Leg. I guess we must use Psics to communicate.

Hi Psics feeling better? Asked Mark. Yes... Hey you poor excuse of an inventor. Said Octodon. Come up here or ill make you come up here. What will you do Octodon? I will evaporate this water. Unless... You come up here for me to kill you and that boy. Oh no not the water. Said Wave. We simply must come up there. Yeah we humans can’t run out of water! Mark said. Yes fine we will come up. You have 5 minutes to come up here. By the way, Psics said it would be you who will die.

Chapter 4 The Final Battle

Well Psics the clock is ticking. Said Octodon. How are we going to get up there so fast?! Said Mark. I have an idea. Said Wave. Let me guess a goldfish group? Said Mark. No I will use bubbles so we jet to the surface quickly. Said Wave. Alright! Said Mark. Ah they have an unfair advantage. I cant swin fast enough to avoid their lazer beams. HAHA! You fell into my trap. Mark come! Screamed Psics. While Psics grabs hold of you I will block you with my wave wall. Mark got in the UFO. Psics you have a UFO? Yes. Said Psics. What does this purple button do? It makes the UFO fire a super powerful Plasma Blaster. Now press it to shoot! Alright! Said Mark. BOOM. Oh no! That blaster is a threat! Octodon said. It killed 5 of my troop. Alright we must destroy the button! Send 3 UFO. Can I keep pressing the button? No. Said Psics. It has a cooldown time. Oh. Said Mark. There is other beams like a freeze ray. YES I froze my first UFO. Were going down! Said an Octosai. Is there any other beams? Said Mark. Those are my only 2 beams. Said Psics. ONLY TWO?! Said Mark. Oh no 2 UFO's are coming to us each of them have 5 Octosai per UFO. Fire the plasma blaster. BOOM. Ha bye bye second UFO. Where is the third one? Say bye Psics! Oh no 5 Octosai. You will be sorry you messed with us. Mark stabbed an Octosai. Psics shot two. The other two left captured Psics and Mark. Give them to me. Said Octodon. NO! Said Wave. I will use my... TIDAL WAVE! All Octosai point your beams toward that tidal wave! The tidal wave evaporated. Now I will use my bubble beam! Ahh! Said Wave. Shoot us again and we will kill Mark... and Psics. Ok... Now you surrendur. I will surrendur. Said Wave. Wave was waiting for a moment to strike with a tsunami she didnt know if she could pull it off though. Turns out we wont die right Psics? Said Octodon. Ugh I hate you Octodon. Said Psics. Thats what I thought now my Octosai grab the little lady. No please! Said Wave. The dolphins that were near the surface heard Wave crying. They bounced up and bit one of Octodon's legs. Oh no! Said Octodon. He fell in the water and was quickly aten by the shark squad. The aliens quickly drew their beams. Wave luckily summoned a whole tsunami to kill all the aliens. King Tentaclus's scouts saw what happened. They immediatly reported it to King Tentaclus. Ugh these Octosai cannot fight so I will. Lets get in the UFO. Said Psics. King Tentaclus came to earth in his UFO. Hello Psics. Said King Tentaclus. YOU WILL DIE. No we wont! Mark used the freeze ray to freeze King Tentaclus's UFO. Mark shot the plasma blaster and killed King Tentaclus. We won! Said Psics, Mark, and Wave at the same time.

Chapter 5 A Happy Ending

We defeated King Tentaclus! Said Mark. What will we do now? Said Psics. I got lucky it was 3 day vacation and I need to go to school but I don't have a house........ or a dad. MARK!!!!!!! Whats that green thing? Whats that blue girl? Octodon cloak! Psics said. Now only you and Wave can hear and see me! Water shroud! Now only you and Psics can hear me and see me. What were those green thiiiinnnnngggggsssss? A blue thing as well. Dad? Said Mark. I have been trying to find you for the last 3 days. Hi dad! How did you escape! I used the water hose from my 4th expirement. Oh that ttthhhiiingggg. Said Mark. Well i'm alive and thats all that matters. So what will we do know? Asked Mark. I don't know maybe go to the homeless shelter. The next day. The international bank has been robbed we do not know the suspect but we must find them they have over 8 million dollars. So much people want their money back! Screamed the news reporter. Psics was the robber. So here's the story. He told Mark where he put 8,789,432 dollars at. Mark got it. Mark and his dad bought a house. They were rich so they were able to recreate Marks old house. There is your happy ending.