Water: the Beginning and the End

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Created by Joshua Bechtinger, Sebastian Douillet, Jagger Martinez, Jeremy Tornes, Mathias Vargas


Water, the beginning and the end....
This is how it all started....
1000 years earlier....
Miami Summer Friday June, 7 Year 5764
4 scientists Juan, Bill, Tania, and Pablo make a machine to produce water! But there's one problem...... The machine uses too many fossil fuels which makes the sea level rise faster and at the same time the machine is producing water! The beginning of a distaster!
Pablo: The AquaNator's Model is doing well but what is it going to be made out of?
Tania: Maybe... Chronium
Bill: And you guys confirmed that dark matter can produce water right?
Juan: Yeah Bill we did the test 15 times and it was succesful.
Bill: Alright
Bill: When will we start making the machine
Tania: In 2 weeks
Juan: We are going to help this city so much!
Pablo: How are we going to get the Chronium?
Juan: We already have enough in storage
Pablo: Sweet!
2 weeks later
All 4: Lets get to work!!!!

Chapter 1

Bill: Alright lets get some lunch.
Pablo: Lets go im starving
At a steakhouse:
Juan: You can say that again
Bill: Alrighty, lets get to business, when is the test for the AquaNator?
Juan Tania and Pablo: 5 Days
Juan: What are we going to do in the meantime.
Tania: Practice tests
Bill: Well that was a good lunch but we have to get to work, lets do 3 hours of virtual testing everyday.
Back at the lab:
Bill: Hopefully this is the real result of the AquaNator working.
Tania: Lets start the Virtual test
Pablo: ooooooooo this is trippy
Tania: Yeah I tried it in College for a project
Juan: Really?
Tania: Yeah I was one of the first to test the actual thing
Bill:Well how is it?
Pablo: Ok so the AquaNator is working its producing water but it stops every couple seconds.
Bill: I think thats just lag
Pablo: Ok good I was a bit worried there.
Tania: I dont remember lag on the day I did it
Juan: Well maybe if we had BETTER INTERNET
Bill: Hey now its not my fault AT&T is bad.
Tania: Alright thats enough for today.

Chapter 2

4 Days Untill The Test:
Bill: Im going to do the virtual testing today
Tania: Ok
Juan: Alright sounds good
Bill goes into the Virtual Testing room:
Bill: Turn it on tania.
Tania flicks a couple switches:
Pablo: How is it going in there?
Bill: Its going like last time.....The AquaNator is now getting really hot.
Juan: Thats not good
Bill: No it isnt Juan... Oh no, its on fire now
Tania writes down the results and turns off the Virtual Test:
Bill walks out of the Virtual Testing Room:
Pablo: Well that didn't go very well
Tania: Do you want to do the same test again and see what happens?
Bill: Sure
Bill walks back in the Virtual Testing room:
Bill: Its working now, it isn't warm and has not gone on fire... strange
Tania: Weird..
Pablo: How does that even make sense?
Juan: DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNN... No im serious this stuff is weird

Chapter 3

3 Days untill the test:
Tania: My turn!
Juan: Fine
Pablo: Juan will go tommorow
Bill: That is only fair
Juan: Well yeah
Tania: While Im in there you are going to turn it on Bill
Tania goes in testing room while Bill walks in to the control room:
Tania: Power it up!!
Bill pressed the BIG RED BUTTON:
Pablo: Get the AquaNator and tools and get out of here
Lab explodes:
A Few Moments Later:
Pablo: Well this place is no good, lets crash at my place we could keep of the AquaNator in my Garage
Tania: Sounds good
Bill:Ok fine
Juan: How big is your house.
Pablo: Not that big

Chapter 4

2 Days Until the Test:
Tania: Pablo where are we?
Pablo: We are at my house
Bill: Are you sure?I thought you said it was small
Juan: Yeah
Pablo: Why, this is the smallest in the neighborhood
All look around the neighborhood:
Tania: All the houses are massive
Pablo: Nah, Anyway lets get inside
All walk in to the mansion:
Bill: This house is amazing
Juan: Yeah its really something
Pablo: Would you like a tour around my house
Tania: Sure
Pablo: This is my room, This is a guest room, another guest room, another guest room, another guest room, dining room, family room,and 6 bathrooms
Bill: Mind blown
Pablo: Lets go to the Garage
Pablo: Yeah,this is wher we can put The AquaNator
Juan: Sweet!

Chapter 5

1 Day Until the test:
Tania: Lets find some flat land so we can set up
Bill: Ok but shouldn't we set up tommorow
Juan: Its going to take a long time
Pablo: True
Tania: I think i found a place...Miami Beach
Bill: That place is always packed
Pablo: I could buy a public party and we can use The AquaNator
Juan: Yes good call
Tania: I'll call now to see if we can book the "party"
Tania dials the number she saw when she looked at the website:
Worker: Hello how may I help you?
Tania: Hi do you allow private parties at the beach?
Worker: Yes we do, would you like to book one?
Tania: Yes
Worker: and when will you like to book it?
Tania:Tommorow 7:00 AM
Worker: Ok thank you for calling hope to see you soon bye
Tania: Can we bring things?
Worker: Anything
Tania:Ok bye
Tania: He said that we can come Tommorow
Bill: Ok sounds great
Pablo: Wait what did they say about bringing things?
Tania: We can bring anything
Pablo: Alright, lets get going

Chapter 6

The Test:
Tania: There is the place
Pablo: Thank god, this Darn AquaNator is so heavy.
Bill: I'd imagine
Juan: Lets set up guys.
Tania: Pablo put the AquaNator on the table
Juan: Alright lets get started
Bill: The cringe has scarred me... whatyou younglings say now
Pablo: Thank god, Is there water around here.
All of the others Facepalm:
Juan: Pablo... Let us try the AquaNator then we can get you water
Pablo: Ok
Tania: Ok lets put the bottle infront and turn on low setting
Pablo: Hopefully this will work i'm thirsty
Pablo put the bottle on the nozzle of the AquaNator,the bottle flies from the water pressure and hits a seagull, then the seagle drops and hits the AquaNator and turns the high setting.
Juan: I can't turn it off the switch is stuck
Bill: Well, this IS HORRIBLE
Tania: Should we evacuate?!?!?
Pablo: There isn't any time!

Background Music:

Chapter 7

Tania: The AquaNator is going to start a Tsunami!!!
Bill: This is THE END
Pablo: There's the tsunami!!!
Juan: Its heading right for us!
Bill: We're all gonna die!!!!!!
Pablo: There is no point anymore!!
Pablo Jumps in front of the AquaNator:
Tania: NOOOO!!!!
Juan: NO PABLO!!!
Bill: Wait what about a Tsunami??
Bill sees the Tsunami:
Tania: He didn't deserve to die NOOOOOOO!!!???
Juan: Its gaining on us!!!!
Bill: My lehhhhhg
Bill trips:
Tania: No bill!
Juan:There is no point we can't out run the Tsunami
Tania:You're right I guess our lives end here


After the Tsunami hit, the AquaNator produced so many fossil fuels that in 250 years all the ice caps melted. This wasn't enough for the water to reach the atmosphere.In another 750 years the AquaNator finished the job and by producing more water.There are no sightings of humanity left on Earth.. We are the only living life in this Galaxy now.. We are the Jiggles...


A tsunami is a series of ocean waves that sends surges of water, sometimes reaching heights of over 100 feet (30.5 meters), onto land. These walls of water can cause widespread destruction when they crash ashore.These awe-inspiring waves are typically caused by large, undersea earthquakes at tectonic plate boundaries. When the ocean floor at a plate boundary rises or falls suddenly it displaces the water above it and launches the rolling waves that will become a tsunami. Most tsunamis, about 80 percent, happen within the Pacific Ocean’s “Ring of Fire,” a geologically active area where tectonic shifts make volcanoes and earthquakes common.Tsunamis may also be caused by underwater landslides or volcanic eruptions. They may even be launched, as they frequently were in Earth’s ancient past, by the impact of a large meteorite plunging into an ocean.

Number of Fire Cases: 2004-2013