The Aqua Doods

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Created by Nicholas Cano, Matthew Dickens, Roman Giffune

Chapter 1: Trouble!

In the summer of 2222 two deep sea explorers went out to the ocean to explore the Mariana Trench. The deep sea explorers went into a cavern to seek for a new species of sea life. One of the explorers tied a rope to a rock and swam down. They went deeper into the cavern and they saw many types of fish and sea mamales like tuna fish, sharks, blobfish, ect. One of explorers saw something a meter away, it grazed, the explorer that saw it noticed that it was big, hard, and pink. The explorers were terrified because it was completely dark and the only thing they have to light up the dark is thier flashlights and they were looking all around and thats when they saw a three foot long shrimp. They were relieved that it was not a shark or something bigger. So after they were startled by the shrimp they continued into the cavern finding some more fish and other sea life. The explorers then realized that their flashlights didn't work, the batteries in the flashlights were dead. The explorers now have to find a way how to get back to their boat and swim in the dark, and luckly the rope they put is still tied onto the rock. So the explorers swam back to the boat. When they went to go back to the boat they saw their boat has capsized.

Chapter 2

The supplies in the boat were on the ocean floor ,the explorers picked up the important suppies which is 1 flare, a spear gun, 3 spears, water, food, rope, pillows, knife, inflatable raft, ect. They were thinking of going back in the cavern because they have new batteries for their flashlights. The explorers went back into the cavern. Then one of the explorers cut themself on a rock. The explorer Had a small gash and had minor bleeding. The explorers were hoping not to get a shark " on their tail ." The explorers then saw the thing that they didn't want to see a small pack of 6 feet srimp that looked like the three foot one but more red then pink and the 6 foot srimps look like the adult form of the three foot shrimp. The shrimps were swiming around the explorers then one of the srimps darted out and sticked their horns in the explorers clothes and swam away as fast as they could to the surface. The explorers thought the 6 foot srimps were going to eat them but the srimps were saving the explorers from a 18 foot squid that is hungry. The srimps then took the explorers to a big rock sticking out of the water that can fit 12 people and is not far form the cavern and their capsized boat. During the night the explorers were trying to sleep with their damp pillows, they were very tired of every thing that happened , but then sooner or later the explorers will fall a sleep ,which they did. One of the explorers had a dream that the explorers swimed to the bottom of the cavern and found the flare gun swimed back to the rock loded the flare in the flare gun, then they were saved by a small boat that looked like the capsized one. A man was in the boat the boat then drive away with the explorers and went hunderd yards ,but then the boat capsized and then the explorers were ate by a giant shark. The explorer woke up in fear after his dream and didn't go back to sleep, the explorer thinks that there is a giant shark in the water. It is morning now and the explorers are still straned in the ocean. The explorers were thinking of swiming all the way down to the bottom of the Mariana Trench and finding their flare gun so then they thought about it and they are going to do it , but they have to eat their food. Now the explorers went and are swiming all the way down to find their flare gun.One explorer is armed with spear gun and the other explorer has a knife. They went down and there were three bull sharks and they were going to attack the explorers. The explorers had their weapons ready to attack the sharks , but then a woman came to help them. A shark tried to bite one of the explorers and the explorer speared the shark in the face. The other shark came up from behide the other explorer then the explorer was bit in the leg but the explorer killed the shark. The last shark was the biggest and it came charging at the explorers. Then all giant srimp came and were going full force into the shark and that was last of the sharks. The explorers grabed the flare gun and swam up to the surface.

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Chapter 3

The explorers swam to the surface and had their flare in their flare gun. The explorers didn't launch the flare. They were going to explore more of the Mariana Trench and see more ceatures. So, the explorers went back in the trench, and the woman stayed on the rock. They swam and found pottery, which was very old, and there was also a sunken ship near to the pottery. The explorers were wondering if the pottery was worth a lot of money. The explorers were thinking of what to do with the pottery, but then something unusually big passed by, and it was a Goliath Grouper. The explorers were happy to see the giant grouper, and it didn't attack the explorers. It was really nice to have the grouper in their area. Their research said that a Goliath Grouper can eat a small shark. So at least the explorers were protected by the Grouper. The explorers were thinking of if they should go back on the rock, and then the explorers did. The explorers now were going back to sleep on the rock. The explorers were strongely thinking of launching the flare but they had a doubt because if no one saw it, their would be out of flares. The time was now, September 20 2222, so the explorers had been stranded for 2 months in the Mariana trench. The explorers were very hungry and thirsty, they ran out of purified water and nutrient blocks.The explorers couldn't spear fish because the explorers wanted to save their spears and they couldn't drink the water because it was salt water. The explorers were thinking of how they would survive. The explorers were thinking of finding more supplies in their sunken boat. The explorers found more supplies in their sunken ship, which they missed last time. They got the supplies such as water, soaked money, 2 more flares, spoiled meat, gas, oil, and a lighter. The explorers were so hungry, they ate the spoiled meat. The explorers felt sick but they were still fine. The explorers then felt bad and were going to vomit. Then the explorers didn't vomit. They kept it in their mouth because it was the only food the explorers were going to get in a while. The explorers wanted to find a way out.

Chapter 4

The explorers digested the spoiled meat and were fine. The explorers then went down and they were looking for some thing to study or record such as fish,sea plants, or sea life.The explorers saw something shining in the deep ocean: it was canisters of elements. The elements were gallium, titanium, lithium, aluminum, and all of the elements were named outside of the canisters.The elements were also near a destoryed cargo ship.The explorers then thought they could get rescued with the elements. Then the explorers quickly swam to the surface and they had the elements.It was night, and the explorers launched the flare.Three days had past and the explorers thought noone saw the flare,but in the far distance the explorers saw a helicopter coming straight for them. The explorers were saved with the elements, after the explorers were saved, they donated the elements for science. The explorers wondered where that woman went, but they might never know what happen to the woman.