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Created by Tyler Clingan, Marcos Leon, Hector Obregon, Michael Rodino

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Section 1-4

“What, where am I? What year is it? Wait, what…ahhhh.” Joel didn’t realize what happened, but then he realized, he had fallen from the roof. “Ouch that hurt.’’ What is going on? How can I get out of here? Wait what does this do.’’ At that moment when he clicked the button tons and tons of clones come out of the machine. After he made his way through the clones he found a door. Joel ran for the door and shut it behind him before the clones could catch him. “Woah I’m out. Wait who are you?”

“Bahhh” “I don’t speak sheep.” Joel said. “I said my name is Joey.” “WAIT WATCH OUT!” At that moment Joel saw a car on fire hurdling towards them. At the exact moment, Joel saw the car, he grabbed Joey and ducked. Five minutes later. “Joey, Joey Where are you.” “I ‘m over here” joey said in a very faint voice. “Help I got stuck under the car” Joel started running towards Joey’s screams for help. When found the car he saw a red liquid and he thought the worst, that joey had gotten seriously injured or worst died. So he pushed the car with all his might and he got it off joey. “Joey are you okay, are you bleeding? “No why would you think that?’’ “Because there is a red liquid all over you.” “You really think that’s blood ha ha YOU JUST GOT PRANKED.” “What, what do you mean.” “Joel that red liquid is my jelly I keep with me.” “You’re so funny Joey” Joel said in a sarcastic way.

After walking for about one hour and we saw a lot of turned over buses and cars. After that they stopped and Joel asked “Joey I never got the chance to ask where we are.” “Um give me a second to think about it.” Said Joey “I think we’re on Earth.” “Earth?” “I have never heard of that planet.” “Well I think we’re on it.” So after Joel asked that question they kept walking for about three hours and we had finally reached the town of Whiterun. And then we saw a fort. So Joel put Joey over the wall and was trying to climb the wall himself. But then a guard with a spoon stopped Joel. “Why are you trying. to climb the wall, sunny boy?” “I’m sorry I didn’t know?” “Well it doesn’t matter. You’re going to jail.” After the guard put Joel in jail. Joel felt that he would never get out of jail. But then, Joey walked up to the jail cell and unlocked it. “Joey how did you get to me?” Joel said. “Hurry up.” Joey said. “But, never mind.” Joey and Joel ran as fast as they could and they made it to a dessert. After they made it to the desert they went to sleep for the night. When they woke up they walked for about 6 hours they found a museum. They went into the museum. When they went into the museum the first painting they saw was Tia Lopez. “What is this?” Joel said. “That is our savior, Tia Lopez.” After that painting that painting they kept walking until they got out of the museum. They made it back to the dessert and kept walking. After walking for a while longer they got to a fort and the same guard with the SPOON found him. “Ah, not again.” Joel said “You’re going back to jail.” The guard said

After walking for about seven minutes they saw the sheriff “Howdy sheriff” the guard said. “What are you doing with this fellow citizen?” the sheriff asked. “I’m talking him to jail.” “Why, what did he do?” the sheriff asked. “He was trying to climb the wall” The guard said. "Bring him to me!" the sheriff said "Welcome to Megaton." While Joel and the sheriff were walking near the cells Joel found a gigantic hole in the ground. Joel had seen the hole just yet so he fell into it. "Ahhhhhh" Joel screamed when he fell into the ocean.

Section 5-7

Joel then realized he fell into the ocean. There was so much pollution and many sea creature. After swimming for a while he found a scuba mask. He also saw a shark named barnacule. He was a very nice shark and after a while of swimming he reached land. After swimming for even longer he finally found land. Little did he know he was on a island. While was on the island he was so desperate for Joey company. After searching the island for a couple hours he found a boat. He took the boat to shore and was in the city Megaton and he found a farm and went in it. Then he found Joey the weird sheep. And they got to a rocket ship take off space and they got in the ship and hit lauch.

When they were in space they saw the Earth,it was so polluted and flooded that it just looked like a brown pool of trash. It took a few hours but they still made it to Phobos. The planet most of the humans were. When he got there he almost got attacked by a guy in a brown suit. But before he could hit Joel Joel pulled out his laser gun. After him and Joel were talking they left. And as they were walking out Joey got shot with a laser gun! "Joey nooooo!"